Welcome back to The Exchange, presented by Olam Specialty Coffee. hosted by Mark Inman and Todd Mackey. This is Episode 2 and the first of two episodes on coffee blending. The conversation includes:

  • Why we blend.
  • Basic approaches to blending.
  • Where blending actually starts.
  • Relationship of blending to branding.
  • What blending should not be.
  • What coffee drinkers want.
  • Iconic blends.
  • Marketing vs. components.
  • Two types of coffee drinkers.
  • The value of consistency.
  • What wholesale customers want.
  • How many products and how many blends?
  • Blends and grocery history.
  • Bratty, edgy, interesting, dynamic, needy coffee vs. approachable and flexible, clutch-player blends.
  • Session beers.
  • Bruce Springsteen.

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The Exchange is Presented by Olam Specialty Coffee
Hosted by Mark Inman and Todd Mackey
Directed by Mike Ferguson


All music is available and used under  Creative Commons:
Opening Theme, A Cup of Coffee for Your Fears by Veve Seashore

Closing Theme, City Riding: Morning Coffee by Bottlesmoker



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