Green Friday is hours away and we hope you’re ready. We hope you’ve been paying attention. To make sure you’re up to snuff and ready, we’ve prepared this pop quiz.

The New and Improved

Green Friday Pop Quiz!


The meaning of the phrase “Green is the New Black” can best be described as meaning:

  1. A much-anticipated trend for the 2019 spring/summer fashion season.
  2. When a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan becomes a Green Bay Packers fan.
  3. The progression of mold on cheese.
  4. A clever play on a commonly heard phrase wherein something new is described as the “new black” because black is considered to be always in style, always cool, always an acceptable default. But in this case, “green is the new black” it is clever again, and by more than half, because it also references the infamous “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving, a day on which retailers now traditionally put discounts on merchandise, a day Olam Specialty Coffee has referenced by creating “Green Friday.”


Olam Specialty Coffee created Green Friday because:

  1. Halloween is really boring in the coffee industry and we wanted to spice things up.
  2. We couldn’t help it.
  3. It’s not easy being Friday.
  4. As we approach the holidays, trucking gets more expensive and coffees move fast. We created Green Friday to help roasters plan ahead for the holiday rush.


Green Friday refers to:

  1. The Friday before St. Patrick’s Day
  2. The first day of spring.
  3. A tribute band for Green Day.
  4. A special one-day event at Olam Specialty Coffee when ALL the coffee in our store is discounted by 5%.


5% can also be described as:

  1. 1/20th
  2. Five cents on the dollar.
  3. Half of 10%
  4. All of the above, but it’s best to stick to “5% is a significant savings.”


Which coffees will be discounted by 5% on Green Friday at Olam?

  1. A secret portion of coffees in our store.
  2. Coffees from origins starting with the letter “Z.”
  3. Only coffees you don’t need.


This one-day event at Olam Specialty Coffee last for how long?

  1. From sunrise to sunset.
  2. About the length of football field.
  3. Until the cows come home.
  4. Twenty-four (24) hours. Just 24 (twenty-four) hours!


A good reason to buy coffee from Olam on Green Friday is:

  1. A 5% discount is more than a 0% discount.
  2. Securing great coffee at a good price before the holiday insanity begins is really super dang smart.
  3. Seriously, 5% off our entire store.
  4. All of the above.


When is Green Friday?

  1. Friday, October 26th.
  2. It’s hard to say.
  3. TOMORROW. (You’ll love us) TOMORROW. It’s only a day away.
  4. Both A and C.


The best time to take advantage of Green Friday is:

  1. Thursday, October 25th.
  2. Saturday, October 27th.
  3. On your birthday.
  4. Friday, October 26th.


The discount code you need to use to receive a 5% discount when buying coffee on Green Friday is:

  1. opensesame
  2. 123itisme
  3. (your birth date)
  4. Green18


Answer Key: All the answers are “D.”  Every single answer to every single questions is “D.”