You know Olam Specialty Coffee. That’s us. Our job is to connect coffee roasters to the most amazing specialty green coffees on the planet. What you may not know is that one of the reasons we have unmatched “reach” in terms of high quality and high volume is because we are part of a larger company, Olam International, a leader in world-wide agri-business. But Olam International is not what you might expect when you hear the word “agri-business.” Yes, they have over 70,000 employees and yes, they are among the world’s largest suppliers of products like cocoa, cotton, edible nuts, spices (and, of course, coffee), but they are also a leader in supply chain and logistics innovation, with a deep and demonstrated commitment to sustainable practices.

So, by way of an introduction to Olam International, we thought we would highlight some Olam International news from 2018.



Olam, Republic of Gabon joint venture gets another sustainable palm oil certification (From The Straights Times)

Olam International announced on Monday (Jan 15) that its joint venture with the Republic of Gabon has achieved the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification for the Bilala palm oil mill and concessions in Mouila, Gabon. This marks the next milestone in the development of sustainable oil palm plantations for Olam Palm Gabon (OPG), the 60-40 joint venture. READ MORE



Olam to open US cocoa powder plant (From The Straights Times)

Global commodities trader Olam International is building a cocoa powder manufacturing facility outside Chicago, according to a company spokesman and a local official. The plant marks the latest step in the transformation of the large Singapore-based cocoa trader into a bean processing heavyweight. READ MORE


MARCH 2018

Olam signs Asia’s first sustainability-linked club loan facility of US$500m (From The Business Times)

COMMODITIES firm Olam International on Monday said it has secured a three-year sustainability-linked revolving credit facility of US$500 million. Under the facility, Olam would need to meet improvement targets for a “comprehensive range” of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. These will be assessed by Sustainalytics, an ESG and corporate governance research and ratings firm. READ MORE


APRIL 2018

Olam International creates digital supply chain sourcing tool (From

Olam International has created a digital sourcing tool called AtSource, which will trace the journey of raw materials and allow manufacturers to assess the environmental impact of their supply chains. AtSource tracks the social and environmental footprint of a product from the farm all the way to its arrival at retailers and displays this data through a digital dashboard. READ MORE


MAY 2018

Olam, Bees Deliver Sustainable Ag Solutions for Sourcing, Natural Pesticides (From Sustainable Brands)

Reimagining global agriculture will require numerous efforts of various size and focus, such as those in the news this week from a global agribusiness firm trying to meet targets across complex supply chains, a startup developing ways for bees to deliver natural pesticides, and teens looking to utilize unused space for agriculture or alleviate hunger. READ MORE


JUNE 2018

Child labor in Africa’s cocoa sector: Why it’s so hard to combat and what Olam Cocoa is doing about it (From CNBC Africa)

60% of child labor is in the agricultural sector. That’s a staggering fact made only more concerning when you learn that in West Africa, where 70% of the world’s cocoa is sourced, 2.1 million children work in cocoa fields. This is an issue which agribusinesses like Olam – along with our peers, customers, NGOs, and international governments – should be thinking about 365 days a year. But today is the UN’s World Day Against Child Labor and I want to take the opportunity to share with you some of the realities on the ground from my experience as Olam’s Head of Cocoa Sustainability, and how we’re playing our part to tackle the interlocking challenges faced by cocoa growing communities across West Africa. READ MORE

JULY 2018

Olam to introduce sea fish specie (From Daily Trust)

The Federal Government has welcomed the plan by Olam International to introduce Barramundi cultured fish (Sea Bass) to Nigeria. Sea Bass is a common name for a variety of different species of marine fish of which Barramundi is one. According to Organics Fact, “Barramundi has a number of impressive health benefits, including its ability to help lose weight, prevent certain cancers, balance cholesterol levels, prevent diabetes, ensure growth and repair, improve eye health, and strengthen bones.” READ MORE



Sustainable spices: Olam highlights traceability platforms (From Food Ingredients First)

As the demand toward highlighting traceability around spices continues to grow, Olam International is working on plant-based innovations and tapping into the opportunity to market sustainable spices. Innovation within the diverse company, which this week released its latest financial results, includes new formulation solutions for plant-based alternatives within chocolate milk. Speaking with Food Ingredients First recently at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago Jill Houk, from Olam SVI, explains the latest trends in spices and how important it is to highlight traceability around spices and seasonings. READ MORE



Olam proud to be Indonesian smallholder partner for Nespresso in their new Master Origin Range (From Olam Blog)

In July 2017, a Fairtrade cooperative was established in Sumatra’s northernmost Province of Aceh in partnership with Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Program, with 1,800 member farmers. As implementation partner, and working closely with the Nespresso sustainability team, Olam Specialty Coffee supported the Ara Cahayani Gayo cooperative with training in good agricultural practices and how to achieve the consistent high quality expected by Nespresso’s consumers. A key area of focus has been on helping the farmers to further improve their unique wet hulling process after harvest which helps bring out the distinct flavor of the new Master Origin Indonesia Arabica which is rich in body with notes of hickory and cedar. READ MORE



Olam receives AGROW Award (From World Grain)

Olam International recognized for inclusive ag business in the ASEAN agricultural sector at the inaugural AGROW Awards, organized by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC). The AGROW Awards aim to recognize the achievements of inspiring agribusinesses and game-changing stakeholders enabling innovation in agriculture advancement in the region. Olam took home the Golden AGROW Award (Singapore) for its outstanding contributions in the field of agriculture by helping micro, small and medium enterprises in the region to prosper, and for advancing the field of agriculture overall. READ MORE



Olam partners with Canvass to ‘transform agriculture’ with AI (From

Agri-food business Olam International has partnered with Google-funded firm Canvass Analytics to utilize AI to optimize its agricultural operations and ‘transform agriculture’. Olam says it will utilize Canvass’ AI solutions to develop innovative new ways to meet the world’s rapidly growing demand for food, fiber and fuel. READ MORE



Things we learned this year: How coffee can protect people (From Olam Blog)

An unexpected guardian – how coffee is protecting people by protecting the forest in Indonesia. As you walk under the rustling canopy with sunlight dancing through leaves, you can sense, even if you can’t always hear, how the forest teems with life. As thousands of bronchiole-like branches reach for the sky you can understand why forests are called the ‘lungs of the earth’, breathing out so we can breathe in. READ MORE